The use of a computer is limited without an internet connection. Whether it’s about Wi-Fi or broadband, internet connection is the ultimate necessity for any computer user. This is where a router comes into the picture. Routers enable you to work on more than one system at the same time. Being one of the top networking devices routers comes with this distinctive feature of building networks and forwarding data to other networks. The advent of the router has undeniably streamlined communication process with regard to data transmission and two-way communication.

In order to get the continual benefits of transmission and communication, proper router setup is mandatory. It helps you eliminate potential errors such as software conflicts, constant drop in internet connection or unusual slow internet speed while browsing the Internet.

Level Up Your Router Assistance– Remote Assistance

Your security is our major concern. This is the reason why TechCube provides router assistance through remote access in order to make the device error free. Our certified technicians solve issues remotely and bring customers & colleagues together without complex steps or onerous prep time. We also ensure that the privacy of our customers is never compromised.

Our Router Assistance Service includes:

  • Router set up
  • Router configuration
  • Solving the problems of firewall
  • Solving the broken DNS relay function
  • Solving problem of wireless connection of router
  • Installing the drivers of router