OS Assistance

Almost all laptop and computer users encounter some operating system errors or failures at some point in time. Sometimes these issues can be taken care of by the user and sometimes it requires a professional, depending on the intensity of the problem. These complex issues can vary from user settings, windows settings, and personalization of application or windows updates.

TechCube Support for Operating System

TechCube facilitates provide the best assistance to all kinds of critical operating system problems. We deliver top-notch services at extremely affordable rates. Our Microsoft Certified technicians have years of experience in fundamental set up and establishment of operating systems.

If your OS takes a longer time than you expect, it might be the perfect time to start fresh and reinstall the operating system or upgrade to resolve the issue. TechCube has introduced various demonstrated solutions for users who struggle with upgrading their operating systems because their PC/Laptop doesn’t assistance the new upgrade.

Our Operating Systems Assistance Service includes following Issues:

  • Activation to Installation assistance
  • Driver recovery assistance
  • Help on setting up an Admin account
  • Antivirus and protection assistance
  • Help on upgrading the existing OS
  • Account creation and password retrieval
  • General navigation assistance
  • System restore and backup
  • Disc defragmentation and cleaning
  • junk and spam cleaning aid
  • Customizing interference and display
  • Application support
  • MS office installation assistance
  • Assistance on control panel setting
  • Uninstallation of applications
  • Assistance on scanning the PC
  • Syncing all the Microsoft applications
  • Data backup on cloud
  • Disc allocation assistance